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    Modifications in TDDFPT and HP modules: · a0ae1121
    Iurii Timrov authored
    1) Remove PP files from examples of TDDFPT, use an automatic
    download of PPs from the QE web site;
    2) TDDFPT examples are now in the standard format of QE
    (using run_example scripts);
    3) Fix the bug in TDDFPT+EXX due to recent changes in PW (fft_fact);
    4) The ecutfock parameter in TDDFPT+EXX is now read from XML and
    cannot be specified from the input of TDDFPT;
    5) In TDDFPT the oscillator strength (absorption coefficient)
    is now written in a separate file (and not in the same file
    where \chi is written);
    6) HP examples use PPs from the Pslibrary by an automatic
    download from the QE website.
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