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    • paulatto's avatar
      This is a quite complex check-in, but actually not very much is done. Changelog follows. · ba4e0050
      paulatto authored
      UPF file format updated completely, UPFv2 introduced:
      * ld1.x can still produce old format, with the switch upf_v1_format=.true. in inputp
        this is disabled by default, but we can discuss if it should be the opposite.
      * pw.x cp.x and all utilities should notice no difference
      * some utilities in upftools still need to be updated, anyway conversion UPFv1 to UPFv2
        is very easy, so this should be no big issue
      * starting from now to produce an UPF file you need to fill the pseudo_upf derivedd type
        and feed it to write_upf woutine in upf_module (Modules/upf.f90)
      * extensive use of iotk
      I have tried to make the new format as self contained as possible, e.g. there should be
      minimal need for post-processing after the data is read, no more reconstruction of known
      quantities, and no more odd syntax to save negligible quantity of space. Also the human
      readable section is a bit richer, all the rest is more machine readable.
      I hope this will not cause any throuble, and tried really hard to, all examples and all
      tests works as fine as before and gives (what really looks like) the same results.
      Other changes that I needed to make:
      * radial grids are now allocatable, they management is a bit less of a hack too
      * paw and uspp augmentation are stored in the same place
      * paw print total all-electron energy if all atoms are paw, not very useful, but nice
      * most of the pseudopotential-writing reading files have been renamed to  some more
        logical name, I spare you the list. E.g. read_oldpseudo -> read_pseudo_rrkj3
      * paw_t derived type was only used in atomic, so I have put it there (as the pseudo_type
        module take ages to recompile it was awkward to leave it there).
      PAW tests inserted in test/ there are 6 of them, as a consequence I have also put 5 paw
      pseudopotentials in the pseudo/ directory.
      I will update the PAW scf examples soon, by deleting them (as running a pw with a PAW
      pseudopotential requires no option at all). PAW generation examples should be updated.
      A lot of small bugfixes here & there mostly uninitialized variables or unallocated
      pointers used as subrotuine arguments.
      git-svn-id: http://qeforge.qe-forge.org/svn/q-e/trunk/espresso@4769 c92efa57-630b-4861-b058-cf58834340f0