Commit eec16a1f authored by dalcorso's avatar dalcorso

Small cleanup.

git-svn-id: c92efa57-630b-4861-b058-cf58834340f0
parent 07aca3f9
......@@ -127,15 +127,15 @@ SUBROUTINE punch_band (filband, spin_component, lsigma, no_overlap)
! method works in many, but not in all the cases.
USE atom
USE kinds, ONLY : dp
USE ions_base, ONLY : nat, ityp, ntyp => nsp
USE cell_base
USE cell_base, ONLY : at, tpiba2
USE constants, ONLY : rytoev
USE gvect
USE gvect, ONLY : g, ngm
USE lsda_mod, ONLY : nspin
USE klist
USE klist, ONLY : xk, nks, nkstot
USE io_files, ONLY : iunpun, nwordwfc, iunwfc
USE wvfct
USE wvfct, ONLY : nbnd, et, ecutwfc, igk, npw, npwx, g2kin
USE uspp, ONLY : nkb, vkb, qq
USE uspp_param, ONLY : upf, nh, nhm
USE noncollin_module, ONLY : noncolin, npol
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