Commit 42d41c9c authored by sponce's avatar sponce

Change the default behavior for epwwrite.

Now true by default. 

git-svn-id: c92efa57-630b-4861-b058-cf58834340f0
parent ac32e077
......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@
epbread = .false.
epbwrite = .false.
epwread = .false.
epwwrite = .false.
epwwrite = .true.
restart = .false.
restart_freq = 100
wannierize = .false.
......@@ -582,6 +582,8 @@
&'Error: longrange and shortrange cannot be both true.',1)
IF ( epwread .AND. .not. kmaps .AND. .not. epbread) CALL errore('epw_init',&
&'Error: kmaps has to be true for a restart run. ',1)
IF ( .not. epwread .AND. .not. epwwrite) CALL errore('epw_init',&
&'Error: Either epwread or epwwrite needs to be true. ',1)
IF ( etf_mem == 2 .AND. parallel_q) CALL errore('epw_init',&
&'Error: Memory optimized version and q-parallelization not implemented. ',1)
IF ( lscreen .AND. parallel_q) CALL errore('epw_init',&
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