Commit 142ac7d1 authored by giannozz's avatar giannozz

'bogus' occupations in the case of CP with Wannier functions and hybrid

functionals turns out to be wrong in addition to be bogus. Courtesy of 
Jia Chen and Lingzhu Kong

git-svn-id: c92efa57-630b-4861-b058-cf58834340f0
parent 827f6c37
......@@ -1739,7 +1739,7 @@ MODULE read_namelists_module
!Lingzhu Kong
CASE ( 'cp-wf-nscf','cp-wf-pbe0','pbe0-nscf' )
IF( prog == 'CP' ) THEN
occupations = 'bogus'
occupations = 'fixed'
electron_dynamics = 'damp'
ion_dynamics = 'damp'
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