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    new interface to fft calls · 41e91c0d
    Stefano de Gironcoli authored
       three types of calls are possibles :  'Rho', 'Wave', 'tgWave'
       In order to enable an fft-type for a given grid the corresponding clock_labels must be set.
       One gives a name to desc%rho_clock_lable for 'Rho' type fft and a name to
       desc%wave_clock_lable for 'Wave' and 'tgWave' types. Whether tg is
       possible depends of the already defined value of desc%have_task_groups variable (mispell to be corrected soon).
          dffts%rho_clock_label='ffts', dffts%wave_clock_label='fftw',
          dfftp%rho_clock_label='fft', dfftt%rho_clock_label='fftc' and
       and changing
          'Dense'->'Rho', 'Smooth'->'Rho', 'Custom'->'Rho', 'CustomWave'->'Wave'
       the same clock names and the same overall behavior as with the old interface is obtained.
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