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    Cleanup of parallel modules: · 814c3d56
    giannozz authored
    - mp_world and world_comm should be used only in MPI initialization,
      not directly in codes - replaced by mp_images and intra_image_comm
      (except in a few cases whose usage is unclear to me)
    - mp_global should be used only to provide initialization routines
      mp_startup, mp_global_end
    - specific mp_* modules should be used for parallelization level on *
      (* = images, pools, bands, orhtoh, ...)
    Nothing actually changes (I hope) but things will look cleaner if the module
    for the required parallelization level is USEd instead of a generic one that
    does too meny things at the same time. The final goal of this operation is to
    better disentangle the various parallelization levels and to have a better
    organized, more granular MPI initialization that does not introduces artificial
    and meaningless dependencies. Not done for: PHonon, CPV, TDDFPT, GWW, EPW
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