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    Initialization of "ortho" (or "diag") group taken out from mp_startup routine.... · cebb7c17
    giannozz authored
    Initialization of "ortho" (or "diag") group taken out from mp_startup routine. The reasons for this are
    - to avoid unneeded dependencies: currently each and every code that initializes mpi depends upon LAXlib,
      including those that never diagonalize a matrix (e.g., ld1.x). This is completely ridiculous.
    - to be free to choose the parallelization of linear algebra after data is read and metabolized.
      It used to be done like that some time ago, by the way.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: all codes that use parallelization of linear algebra MUST explicitly call mp_start_diag.
    Currently this is done by: cp.x, pw.x, neb.x, ph.x, projwfc.x. All other codes cannot currently use linear
    algebra parallelization (linear algebra will run on 1 processor).
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