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    F90 flags passed to fox config in a cleaner way · 8f0669bc
    Pietro Delugas authored
    exporting all QE F90 compilers flags may not work in many situations:
    now a FOX_FLAGS is defined in make.inc, this is passed to FoX configure.
    The content of this flag is set during configuration.
    The configure script exports a @foxflags@ variable
    which may be filled as needed. To program  the possible  content of the variable
    one has to edit the m4/x_ac_qe_f90.m4  script.
    As for now the only case when it is needed, is with the  PGFORTRAN compiler,
    when the -Mlarge_arrays is set, in this for the FoX library to be
    compatible it is necessary to compile also FoX with the same flag.
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