Commit 5e55469d authored by dalcorso's avatar dalcorso

Improved the documentation for the noncollinear case.

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......@@ -29,11 +29,15 @@ PROGRAM q2r
! Input data: Namelist "input"
! fildyn : input file name (character, must be specified)
! "fildyn"0 contains information on the q-point grid
! "fildyn"1-N contain force constans C_n = C(q_n)
! "fildyn"1-N contain force constants C_n = C(q_n)
! for n=1,...N, where N is the number of q-points
! in the irreducible brillouin zone
! Normally this should be the same as specified
! on input to the phonon code
! In the non collinear/spin-orbit case the files
! produced by ph.x are in .xml format. In this case
! fildyn is the same as in the phonon code + the .xml
! extension.
! flfrc : output file containing the IFC in real space
! (character, must be specified)
! zasr : Indicates type of Acoustic Sum Rules used for the Born
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