Commit 2b5c68a1 authored by giannozz's avatar giannozz

Small mistake in documentation fixed, courtesy of Yi Yao

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parent 4ef88c4f
......@@ -1510,8 +1510,8 @@ Nota Bene 1: For calwf = 5, wffort is not used. The
default { 1 }
info {
Localization algorithm for Wannier function calculation:
wfsd=1 Steepest-Descent / Conjugate-Gradient
wfsd=2 Damped Dynamics
wfsd=1 Damped Dynamics
wfsd=2 Steepest-Descent / Conjugate-Gradient
wfsd=3 Jocobi Rotation
Remember, this is consistent with all the calwf options
as well as the tolw (see below).
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