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# Wordbase Hacker
Wordbase Hacker is a simple application that takes advantage of the fact that
the popular Android game Wordbase has its data stored in an unencrypted SQLite
file in its /data/ folder.
The data file contains all the games for the user, including _all the words
found on the boards_. This makes it rather simple to write a program to find
the optimal word in a situation based on some calculation.
Wordbase Hacker requires root access to get the app's data from its secure
Wordbase Hacker is licensed under the [MIT license](src/master/LICENSE).
### Implemented features
- autoloading data from app folder with root
- finding possible words
- scoring words on different categories
- displaying result exactly as in the game
### To be implemented
- HUD to be placed over game view
- automatic playing (?)
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