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Include snippet about vnet

Added snippet about vnet and kernel recompilation
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......@@ -35,8 +35,29 @@ ifconfig_bridge0="addm em0"
### vnet
vnet needs to be enabled in the kerne.
In order to have vnet enabled in the kernel, you will probably need to build a new one.
If you have installed the src distribution, the following steps provide a suggested method to rebuild the kernel with new options.
cd /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf
include GENERIC
nooptions SCTP # Stream Control Transmission Protocol
options VIMAGE # VNET/Vimage support
options RACCT # Resource containers
options RCTL # same as above
cd /usr/src
make -j4 buildkernel KERNCONF=FIFOKERNEL
make -j4 installkernel KERNCONF=FIFOKERNEL
It is also possible to compile a kernel from the current development branch. For that and more, please consult the FreeBSD Handbook.
### rctrl
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