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## installation
1. Install rust (
2. Clone this repository
3. Build the binary `cargo build --release`
4. Copy the executable `cp target/release/vmadm /usr/local/sbin`
1. Install rust ( and cargo: `pkg install rust cargo`
2. Clone this repository using Git or download it as a Zip archive
3. Build the vmadm binary: `cargo build --release`
4. Copy the executable: `cp target/release/vmadm /usr/local/sbin`
5. Create the jails folder: `mkdir /usr/local/etc/vmadm`
6. Create the images folder `mkdir -p /var/imgadm/images`
6. Create the images folder: `mkdir -p /var/imgadm/images`
7. Create the main config file: `echo 'pool = "zroot/jails"\n[networks]\nadmin = "bridge0"' > /usr/local/etc/vmadm.toml`
8. Download a/the datase `curl -O`
9. Extract the dataset `xzcat e022d0f8-5630-11e7-b660-9b2d243d4404.xz | zfs receive zroot/jails/e022d0f8-5630-11e7-b660-9b2d243d4404`
10. Create a jail: cat example.json | vmadm create
8. Import a dataset using `vmadm images avail` and `vmadm images import`.
9. Create a jail: `cat example.json | vmadm create`
The devfs ruleset to used can be adjusted in the `/usr/local/etc/vmadm.toml` by adding `devfs_ruleset = <rule number>`.
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