Commit 31c99413 authored by Kevin Meziere's avatar Kevin Meziere

More sane default datasets

parent 0fe26b87
......@@ -56,9 +56,9 @@
; This kind of sucks, but we are changing the config data type,
; so at least with this something shows up, and it will be relatively
; easy to debug why the users config changes are not being used.
[f (if (coll? (global/get "datasets" [""]))
(global/get "datasets" [""])
[f (if (coll? (global/get "datasets" ["", ""]))
(global/get "datasets" ["", ""])
["", ""])]
(go (let
[resp (<! (http/get f {:with-credentials? false
:headers {"Accept" "application/json"}}))]
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