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ProfaneDB is a database for Protocol Buffer objects.
The key used for retrieval of objects is defined within `.proto` files, this is then used to store a single copy of each object, and allow references between objects without data duplication.
## Configuration and usage
Schema definition comes with every message definition, using [Protocol Buffer field options](
*At the moment only one key per message can be set*
import "profanedb/protobuf/options.proto";
message Test {
int32 field_one_int = 1 [ (profanedb.protobuf.options).key = true ];
string field_two_str = 2;
bool field_three_bool = 3;
bytes field_four_bytes = 4;
Nested field_five_nested = 5;
message Nested {
string nested_field_one_str = 1 [ (profanedb.protobuf.options).key = true ];
int64 nested_field_two_int = 2;
double nested_field_three_double = 3;
ProfaneDB can either be used as a gRPC server (service definition in prodisdb/protobuf/db.proto) or as a library (interface in prodisdb/storage/db.h).
## Storage
Data is simply serialized using Protobuf own encoding, and stored in a RocksDB database.
However, since Protobuf allows nesting messages, whenever a nested message has a primary key set, the parent message is modified to use a reference to the key, and the child object is stored on its own.
Assuming at least Test.field_one_int and Nested.nested_field_one_str are set in the previous sample definition, an encoded message could look like this:
Test {
field_one_int: 123
field_two_str: "a string"
field_five_nested: Nested {
nested_field_one_str: "unique key"
The data is then stored in RocksDB
Test.field_one_int$123 => {
field_two_str="a string",
field_five_nested&="Nested.nested_field_one_str$unique key"
Nested.nested_field_one_str$"unique key" => {}
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