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title: HvU blocklist
# List of blocks by HvU
This is a chronological list of domains (or email addresses) blocked by
Hendrik van Uytven of ICTS, maintained by me. Both the date and the last
hop in a traceroute are indicated as well.
If you encounter another block, send me an email (pee see why at ulyssis dot
org) or ping me ('pcy') on [IRC]( (or `#ulyssis`
on `ircs://`).
Newer first
* [Festarent]( (2018-03-22 - stuck at
* [ShareLaTeX]( (2018-03-21 - stuck at
## Those before having made this list, but I still remember these
* VTK email (2018-03-18)
* []( (and the rest of Vultr) (2018-02-18)
* Bert's email
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ title: home
* [ mirror](/undertale)
## actual content coming soon
... soon^tm^
## other stuff that's here as well
* [I maintain a list of sites blocked by HvU](/hvu.html)
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