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title: projects
# Projects
Here's an incomplete list of stuff I worked on.
## demoscene
### prods
* ["I'd just like to interject for a moment"](
A 512-byte Linux framebuffer intro that totally didn't lose at Evoke
or anything. It displays an image of rms and plays the Free Software Song.
* More soon^tm^
### tools, barebones
* To be published soon, if they get into a working state.
## reversing & modding
* [Altar.NET]( GameMaker: Studio
file unpacker, byte disassembler and decompiler. Probably the most
'feature'-complete unpacker I know of. File format docs are hosted
[elsewhere on this website](/undertale).
* [unpack-xnb]( An `.xnb` file
unpacker that doesn't require XNA/FNA (or .NET in general) to be installed.
Fails to parse compressed files, though, for some unknown reason.
* [Prism]( [dead]: A modloader
for Terraria that attempted to have a less hacky API than its predecessors.
Uses MSIL injection and other cool stuff I can talk way too long about.
It failed due to internal disputes and the exitence of an alternative,
* tAPI, tConfig [discontinued]: modloaders for Terraria 1.2 and 1.1,
respectively. I didn't do that much work, but I was in the dev teams
* I have also made some tAPI and tConfig mods, but I don't want to list
them here because they deserve to die in peace, in the dusty corner of
my HDD.
## other
* [sspt]( Half a package manager. Used
to keep track of upstream repos I use, to pull and compile the sources
automatically when a new 'version' is available.
* [kibystu]( This website, and a
--- very tiny --- static site generator.
* [dotfiles]( My dotfiles.
* [PokeApi.NET]( A .NET library
for [Pokéapi](, made very long ago. Somehow, people
still use this.
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<p><a href="/projects.html">Projects</a></p>
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<p>Days without lynx compatibility: 0</p>
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