Commit 2b18f9e8 authored by PoroCYon's avatar PoroCYon

makefile fix

parent b85d830f
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ out/feed/%.xml: obj/%.xml.pre obj/%.list.xml tpl/
out/blog.html: src/ obj/postlist.html $(TPL_SHARED) tpl/template-blog.html
$(PANDOC) $(PDFLAGS) -f $(PDMARKDOWN) --template=tpl/template-blog.html -A obj/postlist.html -t html "$<" -o "$@"
out/%.html: src/ obj/postlist.html $(TPL_SHARED) tpl/template.html
out/%.html: src/ $(TPL_SHARED) tpl/template.html
@if ! [ -d "$(dir $@)" ]; then mkdir -p "$(dir $@)"; fi
$(PANDOC) $(PDFLAGS) -f $(PDMARKDOWN) --template=tpl/template.html -t html "$<" -o "$@"
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