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......@@ -13,11 +13,21 @@ Here's an incomplete list of stuff I worked on.
* ["I'd just like to interject for a moment"](
A 512-byte Linux framebuffer intro that totally didn't lose at Evoke
or anything. It displays an image of rms and plays the Free Software Song.
* Some stuff that doesn't deserve to be mentioned.
* More soon^tm^
### tools, barebones
* To be published soon, if they get into a working state.
* [norjohe]( a 'linker' for static
binaries with minimal ELF headers.
* [visygau]( a bunch of programs and
scripts made to make developing stuff for framebuffer devices a little
* [zmk]( run a program as soon as
a file is saved to. Useful for rapid prototyping when lacking a repl.
* [zmicirvei]( a script that creates
a git commit as soon as a file in the repo is modified. Useful when
partycoding (and other stressful situations).
## reversing & modding
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