A .NET Wrapper for http://www.pokeapi.co/

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A .NET Wrapper for http://www.pokeapi.co/. See the master branch for the v1 version.



using System;
using PokeAPI;

// [...]

// in async method

PokemonSpecies p = await DataFetcher.GetApiObject<PokemonSpecies>(395);
// or:
PokemonSpecies p = await DataFetcher.GetNamedApiObject<PokemonSpecies>("lucario");

float cRate = p.CaptureRate;
// etc

To get the value behind the Task<T> object synchronously, use the Result property.


open System
open PokeAPI

// [...]

    let! p = DataFetcher.GetApiObject<PokemonSpecies> 395 |> Async.AwaitTask;
    // or:
    let! p = DataFetcher.GetNamedApiObject<PokemonSpecies> "lucario" |> Async.AwaitTask;

    let cRate = p.CaptureRate;
    // etc

To get the value behind the Async<T> object synchronously, use the Async.RunSynchronously function. If it's a Task<T>, do as described under 'C#'.


Separate docs for this library aren't really needed, everything is made to look like the pokeapi.co docs, but using more C#-like names. I might add separate methods for every api object type later.