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......@@ -513,7 +513,7 @@ THIRD_PARTY = PROJ_PATH + '/' + PACKAGE_NAME + '/third_party'
BUILD_THIRD_PARTY = BUILD_PATH + '/lib/' + PACKAGE_NAME + '/third_party'
INTERNAL = THIRD_PARTY + '/internal'
BINARY_EXTENSIONS = ('.so', '.pyd', '.dll', '.o', '.obj', '.lib')
BINARY_EXTENSIONS = ('.so', '.pyd', '.dll', '.o', '.obj', '.lib', '.dylib', '.a')
# Get the package version
__version__ = None
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......@@ -8,7 +8,9 @@ There are a few components that need updating when updating the version of `sqli
3. **Update SQLite3 Extensions:** Download the latest SQLite source code package from the [SQLite website](https://www.sqlite.org/download.html). Update the `third_party/sqlite3/ext` with the `ext` folder from the SQLite source code package. Also copy all of the files from the `src` folder to `third_party/sqlite3/raw`. Also copy `opcodes.c` and `opcodes.h` to `third_party/sqlite3/raw`.
4. **Copy `shell.c`:** Copy `shell.c` from the root of `third_party/_apsw` (which was updated in step #1) to `third_party/sqlite3/apsw_shell.c`.
4. **Update SQLite3 Extension Functions:** Download the latest `extension-functions.c` from the [SQLite website](https://www.sqlite.org/contrib) and place it in `third_party/sqlite3/ext/misc`.
5. **Copy `shell.c`:** Copy `shell.c` from the root of `third_party/_apsw` (which was updated in step #1) to `third_party/sqlite3/apsw_shell.c`.
6. **Update ICU:** Download the ICU source files (Unix version) from the [ICU website](http://site.icu-project.org/download). And add the `source/common` folder to the `third_party/sqlite3/icu` folder and then the `source/i8n` folder to the `third_party/sqlite3/icu` folder (merge the two directories). Also add the `source/stubdata/stubdata.cpp` file to the `third_party/sqlite3/icu` folder and the `source/data/in/icudt*l.dat` file to the `third_party/sqlite3/icu/data/` folder.
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__version_info__ = ('0', '0', '72')
__version_info__ = ('0', '0', '73')
__version__ = '.'.join(__version_info__)