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      Makefile: Add docker compose target · 12711edd
      Alexander Alemayhu authored
      Compose[0] let's us define and run multiple containers with docker.
      root@ip-172-31-21-156:/home/ubuntu/src/nikita-noark5-core# docker-compose up # or make docker_compose
      Creating network "nikitanoark5core_default" with the default driver
      Pulling elasticsearch (elasticsearch:2.4.4)...
      2.4.4: Pulling from library/elasticsearch
      5040bd298390: Pull complete
      fce5728aad85: Pull complete
      c42794440453: Pull complete
      0c0da797ba48: Pull complete
      7c9b17433752: Pull complete
      d4d33418bd6d: Pull complete
      0e10cce36e52: Pull complete
      09dd4de551b0: Pull complete
      dd2fffb2567d: Pull complete
      00600327a779: Pull complete
      fae2df12d2f6: Pull complete
      f60afcfaf7ae: Pull complete
      7054ec74e0a2: Pull complete
      4c5d3a9e8b2a: Pull complete
      Digest: sha256:c977957d91c253eff6ea19f0501a2b2ae39a06e8e10d9adf5404a9fd62579682
      Status: Downloaded newer image for elasticsearch:2.4.4
      Pulling nikita-noark5-core (nikita5/nikita-noark5-core:latest)...
      latest: Pulling from nikita5/nikita-noark5-core
      5040bd298390: Already exists
      fce5728aad85: Already exists
      76610ec20bf5: Pull complete
      60170fec2151: Pull complete
      e98f73de8f0d: Pull complete
      11f7af24ed9c: Pull complete
      49e2d6393f32: Pull complete
      bb9cdec9c7f3: Pull complete
      012381f14275: Pull complete
      8351346773cc: Pull complete
      Digest: sha256:ceab61427cea95a75102077ae743efb973a9aa8c9856b9684583d1670d8ecf1d
      Status: Downloaded newer image for nikita5/nikita-noark5-core:latest
      Creating nikitanoark5core_nikita-noark5-core_1
      Creating nikitanoark5core_elasticsearch_1
      Attaching to nikitanoark5core_nikita-noark5-core_1, nikitanoark5core_elasticsearch_1
      [0]: https://github.com/docker/compose