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2019-03-22 changelog

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- **Misc**: Removed the unintuitive Hometown system and its effects on the skin color when creating a character.
This update contains 328 commits.
# Update Changelog - 2019-03-22 (supplementary update)
#### Changed
- **Commands**: Extended the `@hominfo` command to include the base level.
- **NPCs**: Improved the logging of castle treasures, to reduce support time in case of server crash.
- **NPCs**: Sorted the costume list alphabetically (for each price range) in the Costume Exchanger NPC.
- **Homunculi**: Reduced the maximum number of concurrently active homunculi (outside towns) to 5 per player.
- **Homunculi**: Increased the range of the Moonlight (Filir) skill to match its original pre-renewal value.
- **Maps**: Enabled the use of `/memo` in Lighthalzen, in the areas where Teleport is allowed.
- **Maps**: Added mini-map icons in Lighthalzen.
#### Fixed
- **Misc**: Fixed an issue that caused the server to crash.
- **Items**: Fixed an issue that could cause the idle timer to reset under certain conditions.
- **Homunculi**: Fixed an issue that caused the Homunculus HP/SP bars to refill on relog. OriginsRO#1287
- **Client**: Fixed a client visual glitch on login, under certain conditions.
- **Items**: Fixed the description of Zealotus Egg.
- **Skills**: Fixed the range of Water Ball level 6~10 (Plagiarize).
This update contains 18 commits.
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