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    Squashed 'nuklear/' changes from ecf3995..2d8b6dc · ea554933
    Hanspeter Portner authored
    2d8b6dc Fix invalid y_offset bug in nk_group_begin.
    15516bd omk: don't clear draw_list.
    ac7b976 omk: fix lexer code to work with utf8.
    9275be6 add support for syntax highlighting
    9d91b7c Moved Changelog into documentation
    2d31b3a Merge pull request #600 from cartman300/patch-1
    c9189a2 Finished documenation conversion
    ac0901e Update Readme.md
    5318555 Add C# binding to the list
    8027ebe Second last doc conversion commit
    8709a88 Added input documentation translation
    9a314f0 Finised context documentation translation
    365c982 Removed last remaining old doc file
    8ae9160 Updated Readme
    882e935 Added documentation html file as link
    dd5f352 Started documentation transition to markdeep
    9cb143e Merge pull request #599 from nsawa/fix_nk_colorf_hsva_f
    83e2c10 Fix nk_colorf_hsva_f alpha calculation
    2891c6a Update demos to new color picker API
    604a7df Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
    bd30c12 Fixed #544 color picker (breaking change)
    b47463d Merge pull request #598 from mgerhardy/fixed-implicit-fallthrough
    acaab2f Fixed implicit fallthrough warning
    df96bac Merge pull request #590 from mgerhardy/travis
    3f3091f Merge pull request #596 from billsix/addReferenceToPyNuklear
    363e9ee Merge pull request #595 from billsix/fixContextualOverviewText
    0e808bc Merge pull request #594 from fbbdev/better_gitignore
    8c2fb99 add reference to pyNuklear
    1b64d12 show full label in overview popup by expanding horizontal space
    57d1a41 Ignore binary files on linux
    5bbe337 Removed docu typo
    a9e87c6 Fixed Readme layout
    f08b620 Split license into dual license MIT/public domain
    b17ec49 TRAVIS: include demo windows and activate warnings
    6bddc5c Update demos configurables and removed warnings
    07e422e Fixed warnings found by gcc and clang
    1a77fc8 Merge branch 'mgerhardy-issue585'
    023c2da Fixed define intendation
    683185e Merge branch 'issue585' of https://github.com/mgerhardy/nuklear into mgerhardy-issue585
    5b9d6a9 Merge pull request #591 from mgerhardy/issue584
    7bbad08 Merge pull request #589 from mgerhardy/issue588
    61143c3 Fixed issue #585
    107c920 Fixed second part of issue #584
    be55f26 Fixed parts of issue #584
    43277a4 Fixed issue #588
    87d3e9f Added documentation for group
    f83c864 Fixed #583 small warning in GCC
    b6e0e34 Fixed #582 nk_edit_buffer behavior
    b2b0806 Fixed #581 progressbar drawing and behavior
    267383a Merge pull request #574 from NuklearBomb/patch-2
    1c07cea nk_layout_peek() bugfix
    a9e5e72 Added extended submenus to overview.c
    f7833d0 Fixed #569 and added additional formated tooltip
    2fda853 Fixed #567 fread size calculation
    f5aeacd Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
    16c6f2a Fixed #560 nk_font_atlas_add
    7e32431 Merge pull request #549 from GreenByteSoftware/master
    0c4d93e Fixed #563 nk_font_atlas_cleanup behavior
    9e2cce1 Removed not needed } from comment
    5fbcdd0 Fixed #560 loading multiple fonts
    0541360 Fixed warnings and UB in demo code
    1d8aae2 Merge branch 'Predelnik-userdata-fix'
    3636cb1 Fixed #511 and changed formatting
    a012e7b Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/nuklear
    988b408 Fix NK_INCLUDE_COMMAND_USERDATA usage with images.
    56b2612 Fixed #558 NK_WINDOW_NO_INPUT hidding windows bug
    37a00a5 Fixed #555 closing minimized windows and drawing bug
    6a13add Fixed #413 font merging
    f436c1a Merge pull request #550 from kstarzyk/add_osx_build_sfml_demo
    89b32fb Merge pull request #553 from NuklearBomb/patch-1
    e76ba09 Use NK_DTOA in function nk_do_property
    c7d9d09 Ident
    dde2579 Fix ident
    bcd0234 Add OSX build for SFML demo
    9a07540 Fix D3D9 rendering in certain scenarios
    36a396f Merge pull request #546 from nsawa/fix_gcc_warning_unused_variable
    2f269f4 Fix: gcc warning unused variable.
    c24e3d6 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
    7eb08b8 Fixed #545 with window pos/size modifier
    REVERT: ecf3995 Fix invalid y_offset bug in nk_group_begin.
    REVERT: 524c27e omk: don't clear draw_list.
    REVERT: 0c78704 omk: fix lexer code to work with utf8.
    REVERT: 5e70ec4 add support for syntax highlighting
    git-subtree-dir: nuklear
    git-subtree-split: 2d8b6dca629443e7bb6752b1f4920742891af5b3
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