Commit b5ab0c04 authored by Hanspeter Portner's avatar Hanspeter Portner

fix midi_forge bug from last commit.

parent 57c4f6a3
......@@ -409,9 +409,13 @@ osc_forge_message_varlist(osc_forge_t *oforge, LV2_Atom_Forge *forge,
return 0;
case 'm':
if(!(ref = osc_forge_midi(oforge, forge, va_arg(args, const uint8_t *))))
int32_t size = va_arg(args, int32_t);
const uint8_t *m = va_arg(args, const uint8_t *);
if(!(ref = osc_forge_midi(oforge, forge, size, m)))
return 0;
case 'T':
if(!(ref = osc_forge_true(oforge, forge)))
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