Commit 8893d17d authored by Hanspeter Portner's avatar Hanspeter Portner

Squashed 'nk_pugl/' changes from 5a18318..224e389

224e389 use unique window class id on win/osx.

git-subtree-dir: nk_pugl
git-subtree-split: 224e3894ce8779ebc92371673ff1cc592087dac5
parent c0d9f70d
......@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@ struct _nk_pugl_config_t {
struct _nk_pugl_window_t {
nk_pugl_config_t cfg;
char urn [46];
float scale;
PuglView *view;
......@@ -1054,7 +1055,29 @@ nk_pugl_init(nk_pugl_window_t *win)
// init pugl
win->view = puglInit(NULL, NULL);
#if defined(__APPLE__) || defined(_WIN32)
uint8_t bytes [0x10];
for(unsigned i=0x0; i<0x10; i++)
bytes[i] = rand() & 0xff;
bytes[6] = (bytes[6] & 0b00001111) | 0b01000000; // set four most significant bits of 7th byte to 0b0100
bytes[8] = (bytes[8] & 0b00111111) | 0b10000000; // set two most significant bits of 9th byte to 0b10
snprintf(win->urn, sizeof(win->urn),
bytes[0x0], bytes[0x1], bytes[0x2], bytes[0x3],
bytes[0x4], bytes[0x5],
bytes[0x6], bytes[0x7],
bytes[0x8], bytes[0x9],
bytes[0xa], bytes[0xb], bytes[0xc], bytes[0xd], bytes[0xe], bytes[0xf]);
fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", win->urn);
puglInitWindowClass(win->view, win->urn);
puglInitWindowClass(win->view, cfg->class ? cfg->class : "nuklear");
puglInitWindowSize(win->view, cfg->width, cfg->height);
puglInitWindowMinSize(win->view, cfg->min_width, cfg->min_height);
puglInitResizable(win->view, cfg->resizable);
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