1. 20 Oct, 2017 5 commits
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      nk: fixes for updated nuklear. · 52ef4198
      Hanspeter Portner authored
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      Merge commit '59557e9a' · 8810f51e
      Hanspeter Portner authored
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      Squashed 'nuklear/' changes from 407126c..e8761c7 · 59557e9a
      Hanspeter Portner authored
      524c27e omk: don't clear draw_list.
      0c78704 omk: fix lexer code to work with utf8.
      5e70ec4 add support for syntax highlighting
      76a1791 Merge pull request #538 from metiscus/master
      0fca7e2 Adds protection of the texture matrix stack which allows the user to use sf::Sprites with this code unmodified otherwise
      9e0ed88 Merge pull request #523 from nuklear-ui/docs
      056af25 Merge pull request #534 from DeXP/gles2
      a75bfcc Merge pull request #535 from siro20/nuklear_softrast
      3705464 demo/x11_rawfb: Change license to MIT
      e57e014 Emscripten support
      24a7536 Merge branch 'siro20-nuklear_softrast'
      e5850a0 Fixed style issues in software renderer
      5d72fe5 Merge branch 'nuklear_softrast' of https://github.com/siro20/nuklear into siro20-nuklear_softrast
      2eb72b2 Add software rasterizer library and demo.
      ed57400 Merge pull request #529 from DeXP/gdip-fonts
      49c3bcd nk_ prefix
      e24b8ca Merge pull request #526 from RomanAkberov/master
      a5f171a Merge branch 'DeXP--gles2'
      af216a1 Merge branch 'gles2' of https://github.com/DeXP/nuklear into DeXP--gles2
      c582959 Merge pull request #527 from DeXP/gdip
      02e6a81 GDI+ multiple fonts support
      a019772 Revert X11 changes
      cc85565 Open GL ES 2 demo
      49f6b11 Revert X11 changes
      ecee581 Revert X11 changes
      d0ed8bc GDI+ nk_gdip_fill_rect background fix
      31c88a8 Use correct style for progressbar cursor.
      0b95e3e Fixed #525 by updating canvas example
      3444d8a Bump docs submodule revision
      981d542 Add doc scripts and sphinx configuration update
      075e3fd Add .readthedocs.yml config for installing breathe dependency
      9d2fe7c Add doxygen, sphinx docs setup
      815b5e1 Merge pull request #521 from valera-rozuvan/patch-3
      55206c7 Add comment to closing #endif statement
      48f659a Merge pull request #497 from jwdeitch/master
      46cd4e0 Merge pull request #520 from valera-rozuvan/patch-2
      3757f56 Remove unused line of code
      8f9ead7 Merge pull request #519 from valera-rozuvan/patch-2
      1b1b04f Fix comment for closing #endif
      9059628 Fixed #517 second attempt
      b774329 Fixed #516 nk_edit_buffer and nk_edit_focus
      43b41f9 Fixed window closing behavior
      3b5123f Fixed #517 --!!BREAKING CHANGE!!--
      708a7eb Xlib: remove text BG rectangle
      0c2a725 Merge pull request #512 from DeXP/master
      f72dd62 Optional stb_image defines
      31674e4 Fixed #503 background window flag
      5de84dc Fix stb_image path
      5fc8a25 stb_image with bit transparency
      f994b15 Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/vurtun/nuklear
      67b26f9 Merge pull request #510 from lieff/master
      039afa8 fix asan error (out-of-scope variable access)
      afa76f5 Fixed #502 nk_item_is_any_active for hidden window
      7c089a5 Fixed #503 NK_WINDOW_BACKGROUND flag behavior
      a2472f8 Fixed #501 incorrect documentation for nk_input_scroll
      d7f757b Merge pull request #499 from reujab/master
      4a82680 corrected line count
      1aebb41 Merge pull request #495 from cascade256/master
      fcbbc4a Merge branch 'stillwarter-master'
      e454fcf nk_iceilf now returns correct value when x >= 0
      52f24d4 fix compiling error on OSX
      2a406ca Merge pull request #496 from ettoretorti/master
      2a30c4f Fix typos in comments
      f7137ec Fix GLFW double clicking
      b73e3c7 Merge branch 'ettoretorti-master'
      bee9037 Converted C++ comments to C89 and added reference
      4ba164c Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ettoretorti/nuklear into ettoretorti-master
      1da1997 Merge branch 'Np3w-master'
      f4171e8 Optimize arc drawing for fewer sin/cos calls
      2f56f8b More code style
      7abda44 Fix code style
      4920522 Make nk_window_is_hovered care about NK_WINDOW_HIDDEN flag
      468065b Merge pull request #486 from nsawa/fix_gcc_warning_unused_variable
      9eed01d Fix gcc warning 'unused variable'.
      ebee716 Fixed #485 widget is hovered/clicked outside window
      9a9f4f0 Fixed #479 drawing bug for lines/rectangles
      6326b5d Fixed #406 bug causing infinite loop
      8e48b99 Fixed #477 segfault on full table
      900bca9 Removed unneeded semicolon in C++ NK_ALIGNOF version
      83636d4 Fixed #472 with draw lines smaller/equal zero
      fad605e Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      170fbf2 Merge pull request #468 from nsawa/fix_warning_in_nk_layout_reset_min_row_height
      1c3bc4b Merge pull request #468 from nsawa/fix_warning_in_nk_layout_reset_min_row_height
      0f4225a In revision 4741669, gcc 2.7.2 generates a warning in the function nk_layout_reset_min_row_height(): warning: unused variable `font'
      4741669 Finished documentation for layouting
      ef78999 Fixed documentation for last change
      14e0847 Made last auto layout change non-breaking
      3c6d32d Fixed tree visual bug caused by min layout height
      ecd1691 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      e13aae2 BREAKING: Auto row height derived from font height
      0dbe53a Merge pull request #466 from wheybags/newline_fix
      1a73739 Merge pull request #465 from wheybags/chart_fix
      9fc0efe fix accidental windows newlines
      8d8c392 fix nk_plot functions triggering assert when drawing offscreen
      5c7194c Merge pull request #462 from wheybags/nk_textedit_init_fix
      d59c879 Zero nk_text_edit structs before initialising in nk_textedit_init_*
      5c0ef78 Fixed #458 property behavior bug
      a79a083 Added additional layouting utility function
      27603d5 Merge pull request #449 from Fra-Ktus/master
      3b8d66a Merge pull request #450 from Fra-Ktus/gdi_nk_image
      d3a6dc0 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      26cd843 Fixed #453 return flag for dynamic command buffer
      9575b93 Merge pull request #452 from mmozeiko/master
      e14dd1c Demo using Direct3D 9 for rendering
      9c3ab8e implemented nk_create_image and nk_delete_image
      042cd07 implemented nk_create_image and nk_delete_image
      3debbd2 allowing touch event to work on iOS and Android
      6ac034c Merge pull request #447 from tst2005/patch-1
      dff18eb add Lua/Love2d binding to the list
      b10ca1d Merge pull request #444 from godlikepanos/master
      200017d Make the font ptr const in nk_style_push_font
      530266b Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      7bd4679 Fixed #442 Activation of partially visible widgets
      c47696e Merge pull request #441 from wheybags/patch-1
      aa6bd5a remove typoed/duplicated function declaration
      af50d84 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      d4f5181 Fixed #439 missing zeroing in nk_font_atlas_cleanup
      2d80ca8 Merge pull request #436 from mmozeiko/master
      edac63b double click support in demo code for Windows platforms
      d9a57d4 Fixed panel scaling to behave like windows native
      70d9de1 Fixed scrollbar drawing bug if not enough space
      9ed3eee Fixed scaler dragging behavior #432
      1f8f92e Merge pull request #431 from McNopper/master_norbert_warning_fix
      621e233 Removed compiler GCC warning.
      9dc7323 Added platform double click support #412
      e888338 Introduce define for software fonts
      012170b Added additional batch of documentation
      8559aeb Fixed key repeat #416 in `nk_input_key`
      4c39852 Fixed #405 and added property select and clipboard
      43a4f3e Fixed `nk_edit_flags` sequence
      945dc5a Fixed #403 with another floating pointer error
      d68a9cf Added first batch of documentation
      1995518 Added additional input window flags #399
      e4c800a Merge pull request #398 from rokups/fix/nk_convert-graceful-failure
      89e6ed6 fixed #395 heap corruption in `nk_buffer`
      bbb8190 Removed two asserts in order to allow nk_convert() to gracefully fail when buffers do not provide enough space.
      7d5648d Added result flags to `nk_convert`
      5cf6f20 Removed wrong `nk_window_is_closed` in demos
      0d010a3 Merge pull request #393 from nsawa/fix_gcc_warning_in_nk_end
      b3963bf Fix gcc warning in nk_end().
      274d9c4 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      67f266a Fixed #388 crashing hidden window on popup click
      58b7faf Merge pull request #389 from rokups/fixes
      13d9eb4 Merge pull request #391 from cxong/master
      9b9f88e Remove redundant assign
      80db75a Fix using uninitialized variable as condition.
      25e6ba2 Fix examples to use nk_vec2 in nk_input_scroll() calls.
      204e2bd Merge pull request #382 from nsawa/fix_warning_unused_variable
      b24329d fix: warning unused variable in nk_finish()
      1a87c13 Fixed multiline commment in commented out code
      2a0942f Fixed #378 popup blocking `NK_WINDOW_BACKGROUND` windows
      944af0e Fixed windows closing behavior
      45af48a Added horizontal scrolling requested in #377
      23eea23 Added horizontal scrolling
      a979372 Fixed #375 long window title drawing bug
      8594d48 Merge branch 'shyhisi-mater'
      6bb0089 Fixed PR styling issues
      e7ae9bf Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/skyhisi/nuklear into shyhisi-mater
      46e55e1 Merge pull request #373 from RUSshy/patch-1
      86d4c22 Made properties static or they can't be changed
      0073110 Xlib: Add font stack push function and copy/paste support
      e77b723 Removed unused defines and parameters
      99ea7c4 Fixed const warnings
      2f63716 Merge pull request #369 from cxong/patch-5
      2e4db87 Remove const cast of endptr in nk_strto* functions
      436bbcd Merge branch 'ricanteja-master'
      7c7e15e Fixed some styling issues in sfml demos
      220c314 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ricanteja/nuklear into ricanteja-master
      93193e4 Merge pull request #366 from cxong/patch-1
      7134bf7 Fix unary operator clang warning
      e6a6fe5 fixed #363 wrong example in documentation
      d5ea545 Hopefully fixed #362 text input filtering
      284772c fixed #361 group closable window flag
      3d77394 Forgot to edit link to point to SFML webpage and not Allegro..
      1574367 Makefiles done.
      c6bfe1c Finally! I fixed that bug that I had. sf::Mouse::setPosition was setting the position of the cursor to desktop coordinates not window coordinates.
      63e98d9 Almost ready for merge. Need to fix bug with mouse movement. Need to implement clipboard support. Lastly need to write ReadMe on instructions for building.
      443a058 Merge branch 'ClassJG-master'
      e5c1cf9 Cleaned up custom draw commands to better fit
      4c25cd3 Added a new command type: NK_COMMAND_CUSTOM
      064e31f Added assert to prevent group with closable flag
      e7d02b4 Updated Readme
      5007519 Dumped the pure SFML folder. Got it working enough to realize that it just ran too slow to continue wasting time on it. SFML creates a OpenGL context anyway so users can drop in the nk_sfml_gl2.h and not need anything else. I'll have to add this in the readme. Tried to make my code as similar to other demos for sake of consistency.
      4ed15f5 Fixed Readme layouting
      82b8ac0 Merge branch 'embox-master'
      eaf104d Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/embox/nuklear into embox-master
      5f78107 Added nim language bindings to Readme
      67aaa11 Return global clipping back
      73b0b94 Added OpenGL3 for SFML and also working on "pure" SFML renderer.
      aac2d71 Make NK_API 'static inline' for NK_PRIVATE version
      2babe51 Fixed the clipping glitch (bug that caused the window borders and backgrounds to not be rendered). Fixed text input bug that could cause the program to crash.
      cd0969c Merge pull request #341 from mmozeiko/master
      aa3ffd6 GDI+ simplified image loading, added error checking and image freeing
      2d1ea95 Adding SFML backends for Nuklear. Working on porting over the OpenGL 2 renderer from the GLFW and SDL examples. Still some rendering bugs I would like some help on.
      7483f7c Fix panel clipping
      6fa8424 Make NK_API 'static inline' for NK_PRIVATE version
      d536d4e Merge pull request #337 from DeXP/master
      35e8558 GDI+ split rendering GUI and clear surface
      2df399e Merge pull request #336 from DeXP/master
      4442697 GDI+ set text color only once
      5d98939 GDI+ text transparent background fix
      020acd4 Merge pull request #335 from DeXP/master
      9cd5d03 Remove warning "unsigned only in ISO C90"
      ef2dcd3 Added function to remove edit focus #321
      3123ba0 Merge pull request #330 from DeXP/master
      f5447a8 Fixed typo _WIN64 instead of __WIN64
      6b27c20 Fixed #331 with graceful x11 window closing
      16c2ddd Fix typo
      7d52c0d Remove warning: 'nk_to_upper' defined but not used
      2e9c4ee Merge pull request #329 from DeXP/master
      4a3573b Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/vurtun/nuklear
      36c6054 Remove unused panel warnings
      431e675 Merge pull request #327 from DeXP/master
      6f8fe8d Fixed input capture from hidden or closed windows
      bd44f4f Removed temporary file
      8892727 Fixed slider behavior and drawing
      8033c40 Added loading TTF font from file
      b544d61 Merge pull request #324 from DeXP/master
      4d957de Define IStream interface
      5011a36 Updated CHANGELOG format and versioning
      34d0fcd Merged #198 with bottom-left corner scaler
      be7ac9b Updated Makefile as of #256
      aa1f516 Added row template layout example to demo/overview
      13c785d Fixed #322 C89 compiler error
      f2ea71a Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vurtun/gui
      da347ee Added additional layouting method
      14f107b Merge pull request #318 from DeXP/master
      24f4e3f GDI+ load font from memory added
      7ab7327 nk_gdip_fill_rect filled pies fix
      24c756c Merge pull request #315 from seibelj/allegro5_impl
      5ad1978 Merge pull request #316 from DeXP/master
      7dbd9f9 PR fixes. Removed all keyboard callback code as it can be accomplished with nk_edit flags
      e6798bc Removed keyboard callbacks because they are unnecessary
      5aedddd Added GDI+ images support
      840f539 Added OLE32 to dependencies list
      bc6c9c7 Added readme and keyboard handler example files
      6d5fba0 Removed display checkers because they appear not to work for custom events. Also fixed up whitespace and changed a variable name from nil to none because of objective-c conflicting
      1cf83d2 Improved soft keyboard support
      bde7c3c Fix for multitouch causing issues
      4e3689a Merge branch 'master' into allegro5_impl
      58afd4f Fixed typo inside GLFW demo #311
      a9330ad Fixed closing window bug of minimized windows #291
      64102b5 Fixed missing Readme newline
      12515ca nk_gdip_fill_rect coordinates fix
      780d88f Set window bounds in nk_begin when the window isn't user-resizable
      16c084c fixed relative path of demo fonts in d3d11 sample
      73e5801 Fixes for touch events
      63e2cba initial touch support
      011187b Merge pull request #313 from inolen/master
      baa8ad8 build fix for gcc
      e63ae83 Extended 16-bit scrollbar offsets to 32-bit #312
      eb58042 Merge branch 'master' into allegro5_impl
      533d5d2 Much progress on allegro5 impl. Also added SELCT_ALL command
      a835309 Fixed typo inside GLFW demo #311
      020a562 Fixed closing window bug of minimized windows #291
      a4010b1 Fixed missing Readme newline
      21f406f Merge pull request #306 from juliuszint/master
      55485f6 Merge pull request #309 from inolen/master
      4adc5c0 Merge pull request #310 from DeXP/master
      e2c4855 Added initial work for allegro5 backend
      d6ac1e4 nk_gdip_fill_rect coordinates fix
      76ebc40 Set window bounds in nk_begin when the window isn't user-resizable
      1383490 fixed relative path of demo fonts in d3d11 sample
      9b7a280 Removed osx travis because it sucks
      0273b7c Added chicken binding reference
      3a7486c Extended assert explanation #301
      REVERT: 12257a48 omk: don't clear draw_list.
      REVERT: c9303e8a omk: fix group border.
      REVERT: 928cd5f2 omk: fix lost scrollbar state in nk_edit_buffer.
      REVERT: 3074c95b omk: fix lexer code to work with utf8.
      REVERT: 08924f1b add support for syntax highlighting
      git-subtree-dir: nuklear
      git-subtree-split: e8761c79c5b213af87f53d7dafe37a54b5fc3277
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      Merge commit '99accbe0' · c095ba1d
      Hanspeter Portner authored
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      Squashed 'nk_pugl/' changes from fa04a9a..ecc68d7 · 99accbe0
      Hanspeter Portner authored
      ecc68d7 fixes for updated nuklear.
      git-subtree-dir: nk_pugl
      git-subtree-split: ecc68d7c7e1c4fcb7409e5ecb55d2bc8459987d8
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