Commit c403fd80 authored by Hanspeter Portner's avatar Hanspeter Portner

Squashed 'pugl/' changes from 0406d71d..4fed5fe

4fed5fe Change ulong to unsigned long for FreeBSD.

git-subtree-dir: pugl
git-subtree-split: 4fed5fe231a3af0102ac67e32e4b446ea2733df9
parent d73fc499
......@@ -648,7 +648,7 @@ puglPasteFromClipboard(PuglView* view, size_t* len)
if( (xevent.xselection.selection == impl->clipboard)
&& ( == impl->utf8_string)
&& ( == XA_PRIMARY) ) {
ulong nitems, rem;
unsigned long nitems, rem;
int format;
uint8_t* data;
Atom type;
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