Commit 9ee285da authored by Hanspeter Portner's avatar Hanspeter Portner

fix typo in last commit.

parent 539556cf
......@@ -3027,7 +3027,7 @@ assert(midi2cps(60.0, 60, 12, 400) == 400.0) -- relative to 'C-5'==400 Hz</code>
<p>Conversion from Hertz to MIDI note.</p>
<dt class="func">cps2midi(cps)</dt>
<dt class="func">cps2midi(cps, base=69.0, noct=12.0, fref=440.0)</dt>
<dt>cps (number)</dt>
<dd>frequency in Hz</dd>
<dt>base (number)</dt>
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