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tutorial: add MIDI arpeggiator.

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......@@ -274,3 +274,10 @@ moony:bank-tutorial_part-3
pset:bank moony:bank-tutorial ;
rdfs:label "Tutorial 3: MIDI Sample & Hold" ;
rdfs:seeAlso <presets.ttl> .
a pset:Preset ;
lv2:appliesTo moony:a1xa1 ;
pset:bank moony:bank-tutorial ;
rdfs:label "Tutorial 4: MIDI Arpeggiator" ;
rdfs:seeAlso <presets.ttl> .
......@@ -578,3 +578,90 @@ function run(n, seq, forge, control, notify)
] .
a pset:Preset ;
doap:license lic:Artistic-2.0 ;
state:state [
moony:code """-- Tutorial 4: MIDI Arpeggiator
local schar = string.char -- local variable is more efficient to look up
local chord = {0, 3, 7, 11} -- table with chord note offsets
local offset = 0.1 -- time offset between notes in seconds
local schedule = {} -- table to store Note events
local dur = math.floor(offset * Options[Core.sampleRate]) -- time offset in frames
-- compare function to sort scheduled messages according to frame time
local function cmp(a, b)
return a[1] < b[1]
-- add message to scheduled events
local function sched(off, msg)
table.insert(schedule, {off, msg}) -- insert message and offset frames into table
table.sort(schedule, cmp) -- sort table
local function note_responder(cmd)
return function(self, frames, forge, chan, note, vel)
for i, v in ipairs(chord) do
local chanNew = i - 1 -- set new channel to chord note index - 1
local noteNew = note + v -- set new note to chord note offset
local msg = schar(cmd | chanNew, noteNew, vel) -- serialize message
local off = frames + (i-1)*dur
sched(off, msg) -- schedule message
-- define a MIDIResponder object configured to pass-through unmatched messages
local midiR = MIDIResponder({
[MIDI.NoteOn] = note_responder(MIDI.NoteOn), -- register responder for NoteOn
[MIDI.NoteOff] = note_responder(MIDI.NoteOff), -- and NoteOff
[MIDI.NotePressure] = note_responder(MIDI.NotePressure) -- and NotePressure
}, true)
-- push scheduled events stash
function stash(forge)
local seq= forge:sequence() -- create atom sequence
for i, v in ipairs(schedule) do -- iterate over scheduled events
seq:time(v[1]):midi(v[2]) -- add events to atom sequence
seq:pop() -- finalize atom sequence
-- pop scheduled events from stash
function apply(atom)
if atom.type == Atom.Sequence then -- check for correct atom type
schedule = {} -- clear table with scheduled events
for off, itm in atom:foreach() do -- iteratore over sequence events
table.insert(schedule, {off, itm.body}) -- insert event into table
table.sort(schedule, cmp) -- sort events
-- are there any scheduled events to dispatch?
local function dispatch(n, forge)
for i, v in ipairs(schedule) do
if v[1] < n then
forge:time(v[1]):midi(v[2]) -- send message
table.remove(schedule, i) -- remove message from scheduled events
goto loop -- restart loop as we have removed an item
v[1] = v[1] - n -- decrease timestamp by period size
function run(n, seq, forge, control, notify)
for frames, atom in seq:foreach() do -- iterate over incoming events
local handled = midiR(frames, forge, atom) -- call responder for event
dispatch(n, forge) -- dispatch scheduled events
] .
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