Commit 47dd26e9 authored by Hanspeter Portner's avatar Hanspeter Portner

fix bug introduced in last commit.

parent 40f83229
......@@ -1420,13 +1420,12 @@ moony_in(moony_t *moony, const LV2_Atom_Sequence *control, LV2_Atom_Sequence *no
lua_State *L = moony->vm.L;
LV2_Atom_Forge *forge = &moony->notify_forge;
LV2_Atom_Forge_Ref ref = moony->notify_ref;
LV2_Atom_Forge_Ref ref;
// initialize notify forge
const uint32_t capacity = notify->atom.size;
lv2_atom_forge_set_buffer(&moony->notify_forge, (uint8_t *)notify, capacity);
ref = lv2_atom_forge_sequence_head(&moony->notify_forge, &moony->notify_frame, 0);
ref = lv2_atom_forge_sequence_head(&moony->notify_forge, &moony->notify_frame, 0);
// read control sequence
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