Commit e13e858c authored by Marc Zinnschlag's avatar Marc Zinnschlag

fixed container store iterator; new add function

parent b7ea1106
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
#include "containerstore.hpp"
#include <cassert>
#include <typeinfo>
#include <stdexcept>
MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator MWWorld::ContainerStore::begin (int mask)
......@@ -10,12 +12,78 @@ MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator MWWorld::ContainerStore::begin (int mask)
MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator MWWorld::ContainerStore::end()
return ContainerStoreIterator();
return ContainerStoreIterator (this);
void MWWorld::ContainerStore::add (const Ptr& ptr)
/// \todo implement item stocking
switch (getType (ptr))
case Type_Potion: potions.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Potion>()); break;
case Type_Apparatus: appas.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Apparatus>()); break;
case Type_Armor: armors.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Armor>()); break;
case Type_Book: books.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Book>()); break;
case Type_Clothing: clothes.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Clothing>()); break;
case Type_Ingredient: ingreds.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Ingredient>()); break;
case Type_Light: lights.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Light>()); break;
case Type_Lockpick: lockpicks.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Tool>()); break;
case Type_Miscellaneous: miscItems.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Miscellaneous>()); break;
case Type_Probe: probes.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Probe>()); break;
case Type_Repair: repairs.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Repair>()); break;
case Type_Weapon: weapons.list.push_back (*ptr.get<ESM::Weapon>()); break;
int MWWorld::ContainerStore::getType (const Ptr& ptr)
if (ptr.isEmpty())
throw std::runtime_error ("can't put a non-existent object into a container");
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Potion).name())
return Type_Potion;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Apparatus).name())
return Type_Apparatus;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Armor).name())
return Type_Armor;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Book).name())
return Type_Book;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Clothing).name())
return Type_Clothing;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Ingredient).name())
return Type_Ingredient;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Light).name())
return Type_Light;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Tool).name())
return Type_Lockpick;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Miscellaneous).name())
return Type_Miscellaneous;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Probe).name())
return Type_Probe;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Repair).name())
return Type_Repair;
if (ptr.getTypeName()==typeid (ESM::Weapon).name())
return Type_Weapon;
throw std::runtime_error (
"Object of type " + ptr.getTypeName() + " can not be placed into a container");
MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator::ContainerStoreIterator() : mType (-1), mMask (0), mContainer (0)
MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator::ContainerStoreIterator (ContainerStore *container)
: mType (-1), mMask (0), mContainer (container)
MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator::ContainerStoreIterator (int mask, ContainerStore *container)
......@@ -209,7 +277,7 @@ MWWorld::Ptr MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator::operator*() const
case ContainerStore::Type_Weapon: return MWWorld::Ptr (&*mWeapon, 0);
return MWWorld::Ptr();
throw std::runtime_error ("invalid pointer");
MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator& MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator::operator++()
......@@ -252,6 +320,7 @@ bool MWWorld::ContainerStoreIterator::isEqual (const ContainerStoreIterator& ite
case ContainerStore::Type_Probe: return mProbe==iter.mProbe;
case ContainerStore::Type_Repair: return mRepair==iter.mRepair;
case ContainerStore::Type_Weapon: return mWeapon==iter.mWeapon;
case -1: return true;
return false;
......@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ namespace MWWorld
static const int Type_All = 0xffff;
// private:
ESMS::CellRefList<ESM::Potion, RefData> potions;
ESMS::CellRefList<ESM::Apparatus, RefData> appas;
ESMS::CellRefList<ESM::Armor, RefData> armors;
......@@ -44,10 +46,24 @@ namespace MWWorld
ESMS::CellRefList<ESM::Repair, RefData> repairs;
ESMS::CellRefList<ESM::Weapon, RefData> weapons;
ContainerStoreIterator begin (int mask = Type_All);
ContainerStoreIterator end();
void add (const Ptr& ptr);
///< Add the item pointed to by \a ptr to this container.
/// \note The item pointed to is not required to exist beyond this function call.
/// \attention Do not add items to an existing stack by increasing the count instead of
/// calling this function!
static int getType (const Ptr& ptr);
///< This function throws an exception, if ptr does not point to an object, that can be
/// put into a container.
friend class ContainerStoreIterator;
......@@ -76,7 +92,7 @@ namespace MWWorld
ContainerStoreIterator (ContainerStore *container);
///< End-iterator
ContainerStoreIterator (int mask, ContainerStore *container);
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