Commit a5efe0d5 authored by Marc Zinnschlag's avatar Marc Zinnschlag

Merged pull request #1998

parents 7f2baa93 434b1fd0
Pipeline #34651943 (#175) passed with stage
......@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@
Feature #1645: Casting effects from objects
Feature #2606: Editor: Implemented (optional) case sensitive global search
Feature #2787: Use the autogenerated collision box, if the creature mesh has no predefined one
Feature #2845: Editor: add record view and preview default keybindings
Feature #2847: Content selector: allow to copy the path to a file by using the context menu
Feature #3083: Play animation when NPC is casting spell via script
Feature #3103: Provide option for disposition to get increased by successful trade
......@@ -317,8 +317,8 @@ void CSMPrefs::State::declare()
declareShortcut ("table-remove", "Remove Row/Record", QKeySequence(Qt::Key_Delete));
declareShortcut ("table-moveup", "Move Record Up", QKeySequence());
declareShortcut ("table-movedown", "Move Record Down", QKeySequence());
declareShortcut ("table-view", "View Record", QKeySequence());
declareShortcut ("table-preview", "Preview Record", QKeySequence());
declareShortcut ("table-view", "View Record", QKeySequence(Qt::ShiftModifier | Qt::Key_C));
declareShortcut ("table-preview", "Preview Record", QKeySequence(Qt::ShiftModifier | Qt::Key_V));
declareShortcut ("table-extendeddelete", "Extended Record Deletion", QKeySequence());
declareShortcut ("table-extendedrevert", "Extended Record Revertion", QKeySequence());
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