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Merge pull request #2388 from Capostrophic/animation

Hardcode the correct first person sneaking anim speed (bug #4787)
parents 316c79fe 1de98436
Pipeline #61364285 passed with stage
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
Bug #4768: Fallback numerical value recovery chokes on invalid arguments
Bug #4775: Slowfall effect resets player jumping flag
Bug #4778: Interiors of Illusion puzzle in Sotha Sil Expanded mod is broken
Bug #4787: Sneaking makes 1st person walking/bobbing animation super-slow
Bug #4797: Player sneaking and running stances are not accounted for when in air
Bug #4800: Standing collisions are not updated immediately when an object is teleported without a cell change
Bug #4803: Stray special characters before begin statement break script compilation
......@@ -549,8 +549,9 @@ void CharacterController::refreshMovementAnims(const WeaponInfo* weap, Character
mCurrentMovement = movementAnimName;
bool isrunning = mPtr.getClass().getCreatureStats(mPtr).getStance(MWMechanics::CreatureStats::Stance_Run)
&& !MWBase::Environment::get().getWorld()->isFlying(mPtr);
bool isflying = MWBase::Environment::get().getWorld()->isFlying(mPtr);
bool isrunning = mPtr.getClass().getCreatureStats(mPtr).getStance(MWMechanics::CreatureStats::Stance_Run) && !isflying;
bool issneaking = mPtr.getClass().getCreatureStats(mPtr).getStance(MWMechanics::CreatureStats::Stance_Sneak) && !isflying;
// For non-flying creatures, MW uses the Walk animation to calculate the animation velocity
// even if we are running. This must be replicated, otherwise the observed speed would differ drastically.
......@@ -584,7 +585,7 @@ void CharacterController::refreshMovementAnims(const WeaponInfo* weap, Character
// The first person anims don't have any velocity to calculate a speed multiplier from.
// We use the third person velocities instead.
// FIXME: should be pulled from the actual animation, but it is not presently loaded.
mMovementAnimSpeed = (isrunning ? 222.857f : 154.064f);
mMovementAnimSpeed = (issneaking ? 33.5452f : (isrunning ? 222.857f : 154.064f));
mMovementAnimationControlled = false;
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