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Merge pull request #2293 from Capostrophic/fieldofview

Make the default vertical FOV in line with vanilla (bug #4933)
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......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@
Bug #4922: Werewolves can not attack if the transformation happens during attack
Bug #4927: Spell effect having both a skill and an attribute assigned is a fatal error
Bug #4932: Invalid records matching when loading save with edited plugin
Bug #4933: Field of View not equal with Morrowind
Bug #4938: Strings from subrecords with actually empty headers can't be empty
Bug #4942: Hand-to-Hand attack type is chosen randomly when "always use best attack" is turned off
Bug #4945: Poor random magic magnitude distribution
......@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ viewing distance = 6666.0
# Camera field of view in degrees (e.g. 30.0 to 110.0).
# Does not affect the player's hands in the first person camera.
field of view = 55.0
field of view = 60.0
# Field of view for first person meshes (i.e. the player's hands)
# Best to leave this at the default since vanilla assets are not complete enough to adapt to high FoV's. Too low FoV would clip the hands off screen.
first person field of view = 55.0
first person field of view = 60.0
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