Commit d4339291 authored by Capostrophic's avatar Capostrophic

Use Messages::add in birthsign record verifier

parent 6b226eef
#include "birthsigncheck.hpp"
#include <sstream>
#include <map>
#include <components/esm/loadbsgn.hpp>
#include <components/misc/resourcehelpers.hpp>
#include "../prefs/state.hpp"
#include "../world/data.hpp"
#include "../world/universalid.hpp"
void addMessage(CSMDoc::Messages &messages, const CSMWorld::UniversalId &id, const std::string& text)
if (!text.empty())
messages.push_back(std::make_pair(id, text));
std::string CSMTools::BirthsignCheckStage::checkTexture(const std::string &texture) const
if (texture.empty()) return "Texture is missing";
if (mTextures.searchId(texture) != -1) return std::string();
std::string ddsTexture = texture;
if (Misc::ResourceHelpers::changeExtensionToDds(ddsTexture) && mTextures.searchId(ddsTexture) != -1) return std::string();
return "Texture '" + texture + "' does not exist";
return "Image '" + texture + "' does not exist";
CSMTools::BirthsignCheckStage::BirthsignCheckStage (const CSMWorld::IdCollection<ESM::BirthSign>& birthsigns,
......@@ -62,12 +46,25 @@ void CSMTools::BirthsignCheckStage::perform (int stage, CSMDoc::Messages& messag
CSMWorld::UniversalId id (CSMWorld::UniversalId::Type_Birthsign, birthsign.mId);
if (birthsign.mName.empty())
addMessage(messages, id, "Name is missing");
messages.add(id, "Name is missing", "", CSMDoc::Message::Severity_Error);
if (birthsign.mDescription.empty())
addMessage(messages, id, "Description is missing");
messages.add(id, "Description is missing", "", CSMDoc::Message::Severity_Warning);
addMessage(messages, id, checkTexture(birthsign.mTexture));
if (birthsign.mTexture.empty())
messages.add(id, "Image is missing", "", CSMDoc::Message::Severity_Error);
const std::string error = checkTexture(birthsign.mTexture);
if (!error.empty())
messages.add(id, error, "", CSMDoc::Message::Severity_Error);
/// \todo check data members that can't be edited in the table view
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