Commit d0012992 authored by psi29a's avatar psi29a Committed by psi29a
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Merge branch 'slider' into 'master'

Make the light distance slider de/increment by 128

Closes #6052

See merge request !904
parent dff4b83d
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......@@ -498,7 +498,7 @@
<Widget type="ScrollBar" skin="MW_HScroll" position="0 104 352 18" align="HStretch Top">
<Property key="Range" value="8192"/>
<Property key="Page" value="1"/>
<Property key="Page" value="128"/>
<UserString key="SettingType" value="Slider"/>
<UserString key="SettingMin" value="0"/>
<UserString key="SettingMax" value="8192"/>
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