Commit c7aea206 authored by Capostrophic's avatar Capostrophic

Don't offer a price of 1 gold for zero value items (#5484)

parent 227ca123
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
Bug #5441: Enemies can't push a player character when in critical strike stance
Bug #5451: Magic projectiles don't disappear with the caster
Bug #5452: Autowalk is being included in savegames
Bug #5484: Zero value items shouldn't be able to be bought or sold for 1 gold
Feature #390: 3rd person look "over the shoulder"
Feature #2386: Distant Statics in the form of Object Paging
Feature #5297: Add a search function to the "Datafiles" tab of the OpenMW launcher
......@@ -679,7 +679,9 @@ namespace MWMechanics
int MechanicsManager::getBarterOffer(const MWWorld::Ptr& ptr,int basePrice, bool buying)
if (ptr.getTypeName() == typeid(ESM::Creature).name())
// Make sure zero base price items/services can't be bought/sold for 1 gold
// and return the intended base price for creature merchants
if (basePrice == 0 || ptr.getTypeName() == typeid(ESM::Creature).name())
return basePrice;
const MWMechanics::NpcStats &sellerStats = ptr.getClass().getNpcStats(ptr);
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