Commit 89a2c69a authored by Capostrophic's avatar Capostrophic

Support particle node transformations

parent a6351dd8
......@@ -496,14 +496,6 @@ namespace NifOsg
switch (nifNode->recType)
case Nif::RC_NiAutoNormalParticles:
case Nif::RC_NiRotatingParticles:
// Leaf nodes in the NIF hierarchy, so won't be able to dynamically attach children.
// No support for keyframe controllers (just crashes in the original engine).
if (nifNode->trafo.isIdentity())
node = new osg::Group;
dataVariance = osg::Object::STATIC;
case Nif::RC_NiBillboardNode:
dataVariance = osg::Object::DYNAMIC;
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