Commit 7a9403ae authored by Capostrophic's avatar Capostrophic

Remove unnecessary casts

parent fc9a10ba
......@@ -1175,12 +1175,7 @@ namespace NifOsg
osg::ref_ptr<osg::Drawable> drawable;
osg::ref_ptr<osg::Geometry> geom (new osg::Geometry);
triShapeToGeometry(nifNode, geom, parentNode, composite, boundTextures, animflags);
Nif::ControllerPtr ctrl;
if (nifNode->recType == Nif::RC_NiTriShape)
ctrl = static_cast<const Nif::NiTriShape*>(nifNode)->controller;
ctrl = static_cast<const Nif::NiTriStrips*>(nifNode)->controller;
for (; !ctrl.empty(); ctrl = ctrl->next)
for (Nif::ControllerPtr ctrl = nifNode->controller; !ctrl.empty(); ctrl = ctrl->next)
if (!(ctrl->flags & Nif::NiNode::ControllerFlag_Active))
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