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    Version 2.1.1 (05/31/2023) · 84fa3ddf
    Old Man Programmer authored
      - Various spelling corrections.
      - Fix issue where following links while doing JSON output would lead to
        incorrect JSON output. (simonpmind)
      - Fix issue where .info patterns relative to the .info file that did not use
        a wildcard for matching the prefix were not matching files properly.
        (German Lashevich)
      - Added support for making trees from tab indented files (--fromtabfile)
        (gitlab @AvidSeeker), also cleaned up some other issues in the fromfile
      - Fix buffer overflow in listdir() when file names are allowed to be longer
        than 256 characters (like when using fromfile.) (Javier Jaramago Fernández)
      - If when attempting to open a .gitignore or .info file from a top level
        directory and failing, recursively check the parents for such a file.  This
        stops when successful at opening such a file. This behavior might in the
        future be modified to open all such files in all parents to until root is
        reached. (Damien Bezborodov) Note that this requires the use of realpath()
        which I think may be an issue for some OSes.
      - Fix issue where tree would never descend (-l) a symbolic link when a full
        tree is gathered (--du/matchdirs/prune) (gitlab @6ramr)