JonoF's Shadow Warrior for GameShell 20190221

JonoF's Shadow Warrior 20190221 for GameShell



These instructions describe how to install Shadow Warrior on the GameShell.

Shadow Warrior is actually free software now.

Make sure you have a copy of the Shadow Warrior file Sw.grp and the Track##.ogg files for music.

  1. Login with ssh.

  2. Download

  1. Extract
  1. Move the ShadowWarrior directory to the games directory:
mv ShadowWarrior/ /home/cpi/games/
  1. Copy your Sw.grp to /home/cpi/games/ShadowWarrior/.

  2. Copy your music files Track##.ogg to /home/cpi/games/ShadowWarrior/

(note: do not copy your subfolder MUSIC, only its file contents)

  1. Go to that game folder back in ssh:
cd /home/cpi/games/ShadowWarrior
  1. Rename the music files to lowercase:
rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' Track*.ogg
  1. Create a launch script:
mkdir -p "/home/cpi/apps/Menu/Shadow Warrior/"
cd "/home/cpi/apps/Menu/Shadow Warrior/"
echo 'cd /home/cpi/games/ShadowWarrior' > 'Shadow'
echo './sw -nosetup' >> 'Shadow'
  1. Select 'Reload UI' on the GameShell and run the game.

Further notes

  • Set controls in game.
  • Tested on v0.3 image.
  • If you have the v0.1 image use this command cd ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/ in step 9 and reboot at step 10.