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Mark exercise 13 complete

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☐ Exercise 13: different brick types
Current idea: bricks require 1-3 hits to remove and are
also unbreakable (selected via color).
Unlike the issue in GitLab this would be tracked internally
and not just downgrade color, and possibly with a sprite
overlay for showing damage or something (still undecided).
Also, score should be higher for bricks that are harder to
☐ Exercise 14: One brick collision per trip
......@@ -26,6 +13,8 @@ Exercises:
✔ Exercise 13: different brick types @done (16-08-04 16:11) @project(Exercises)
✔ Exercise 12: Brick layouts @done (16-07-21 16:04) @project(Exercises)
✔ Exercise 11: Add sound and music @done (16-07-07 15:59) @project(Exercises)
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