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This project constitutes my entry into Devember 2016. See <>
for more information. There is an associated development log at
<> as per the rules of Devember.

The repository will contain tags which represent the state of everything at the
each of day day of Devember (including an initial tag), allowing for easy
tracking of all changes made from day to day.

For this Devember I will be using the latest version of
<> (the offset of Debember 2015) to
work on a new project called A-Maze-Balls (because once again, clever). This is
a (partial) clone of a game called Bolo Ball by Soleau Games (more info
available at <>).

I say "Partial" clone because unlike last year's project, I am not attempting a
straight 1:1 duplication. Instead, I'm going to try to replicate as closely as
I can get, and then add extra features on, as time allows.

In the unlikely event that I finish this to my satisfaction, focus will shift to
something else, and this file will be updated as appropriate.