Commit f4f4b722 authored by Ricardo J. Mendez's avatar Ricardo J. Mendez

Added paginator on url list, shortening the label only if it's a URL
parent fe49666e
......@@ -58,7 +58,9 @@
(fn [app-state [_ path item]]
(js/ga "send" "screenview" #js {:screenName (name item)})
(when (= [:ui-state :section] path)
(js/ga "send" "screenview" #js {:screenName (name item)})
(assoc-in app-state path item)))
......@@ -84,7 +86,9 @@
(dispatch [::storage-changed {:changes {:data {:newValue (:data (<! (storage/get)))}}}]))
{:app-state {}
:settings default-settings
:ui-state {:section :intro}}))
:ui-state {:section :intro
:url-page 0
:site-page 0}}))
......@@ -132,7 +136,7 @@
(def ModalBody (reagent/adapt-react-class js/ReactBootstrap.ModalBody))
(def ModalFooter (reagent/adapt-react-class js/ReactBootstrap.ModalFooter))
(def ModalHeader (reagent/adapt-react-class js/ReactBootstrap.ModalHeader))
(def Pagination (reagent/adapt-react-class js/ReactBootstrap.Pagination))
;;;; Components
......@@ -208,8 +212,9 @@
label (if (empty? title)
display (if (< 100 (count label))
(apply str (concat (take 100 label) "..."))
display (if (and (empty? title)
(< 80 (count label)))
(apply str (concat (take 80 label) "..."))
age-ms (- now (:ts tab))
;; Colors picked at
......@@ -224,9 +229,9 @@
^{:key i}
[:td {:class "col-sm-2"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-1"}
(time-display (:time tab))]
[:td {:class "col-sm-7"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-9"}
{:href url :target "_blank"}
(if favicon
......@@ -234,21 +239,39 @@
:width 16
:height 16}])
[:td {:class "col-sm-3"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-2"}
[:i (merge {:class "fa fa-circle" :style {:color color}})]
(time-display (quot age-ms 1000))]
(defn div-urltimes []
(let [url-times (subscribe [:data :url-times])
site-times (subscribe [:data :site-times])
url-values (reaction (filter-tabs (vals @url-times)))
to-list (reaction (sort-by #(* -1 (:time %)) @url-values))
total (reaction (count @to-list))]
(let [url-times (subscribe [:data :url-times])
site-times (subscribe [:data :site-times])
url-values (reaction (filter-tabs (vals @url-times)))
to-list (reaction (sort-by #(* -1 (:time %)) @url-values))
total (reaction (count @to-list))
per-page 200
chosen-page (subscribe [:ui-state :url-page])
num-pages (reaction (.ceil js/Math (/ @total per-page)))
current (reaction (.min js/Math (.max js/Math @chosen-page 0) @num-pages))
list-shown (reaction (->> @to-list
(drop (* @current per-page))
(take per-page)))]
(fn []
[:div {:class "row"}
[:p "Total: " @total " URLs."]
(when (< per-page @total)
{:bsSize "medium"
:items @num-pages
:activePage (inc @current)
:first true
:last true
:ellipsis true
:maxButtons 20
:onSelect #(dispatch [:app-state-item [:ui-state :url-page] (dec (aget %2 "eventKey"))])}
[:div {:class "card"}
[:div {:class "content table-responsive table-full-width"}
[:table {:class "table table-striped table-hover"}
......@@ -258,7 +281,7 @@
[:th "Title"]
[:th "Last visit"]]]
(list-urls @to-list @site-times)
(list-urls @list-shown @site-times)
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