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[You can read more about it here](
This is Relevance 1.0.7
This is Relevance 1.0.8-SNAPSHOT.
# Building
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# Development
## Continuous integration
I'm testing out both [Gitlab CI]( and [Travis]( in parallel. I've had some issues with Travis builds failing to get dependencies, so I may deprecate it.
Consider [Gitlab CI]( to be the authoritative source.
## Process
I'm using [git-flow]( Pull requests are welcome. Please base them off the `development` branch.
## Version number conventions
Relevance uses [break versioning](
The development version on `project.clj` will reflect the current state of the code, and will normally include SNAPSHOT.
I can't update the package version from `manifest.json` to include alphanumerics, so that version will remain as the last public until I'm nearing a release (or need to test a data migration).
# License
Includes pixeden's [iOS 7 vector icons](
(defproject relevance-chrome "1.0.7"
(defproject relevance-chrome "1.0.8-SNAPSHOT"
:license {:name "MIT License"
:url ""}
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]
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