Commit d8849f27 authored by Ricardo J. Mendez's avatar Ricardo J. Mendez

Small layout change to favor clean display of longer times

I'm running more and more into pages where I've spent several hours.
Changing the layout to favor them, since these are the ones that show up
first on the URL list, and the ones one will see more often.
parent 97a05569
......@@ -228,9 +228,9 @@
^{:key i}
[:tr {:class "has_on_hover"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-1"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-2"}
(time-display (:time tab))]
[:td {:class "col-sm-9"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-8"}
{:href url :target "_blank"}
(if favicon
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