Commit d80e06e7 authored by Ricardo J. Mendez's avatar Ricardo J. Mendez
parent 3415fac7
......@@ -105,57 +105,6 @@
{:app-state {:tabs tabs}
:ui-state {:section :time-track}}))
(fn [app-state [_]]
(let [tabs (get-in app-state [:app-state :tabs])
to-save (map (fn [m] (select-keys m relevant-tab-items)) tabs)
groups (conj (or (get-in app-state [:data :groups]) '())
(group-from-tabs to-save))]
(dispatch [:data-set :groups groups])
(fn [app-state [_ group]]
(dispatch [:modal-info-set {:header "Please confirm"
:body (str "Do you want to delete tab group " (group-label group) "?")
:action-label "Kill it"
:action #(do
(dispatch [:modal-info-set nil])
(dispatch [:group-delete group]))}])
(fn [app-state [_ group]]
(let [original (get-in app-state [:data :groups])
groups (remove #(= group %) original)]
(dispatch [:data-set :groups groups])
(fn [app-state [_ group]]
(dispatch [:group-label-set (group-label group)])
(assoc-in app-state [:ui-state :group-edit] group)))
(fn [app-state [_ label]]
(assoc-in app-state [:ui-state :group-label] label)))
(fn [app-state [_ old-group new-group]]
(dispatch [:data-set :groups (->> (get-in app-state [:data :groups])
(remove #(= % old-group))
(cons new-group))])
......@@ -238,8 +187,7 @@
(defn navbar-item [label section current]
[:li {:class (when (= section current) "active")}
[:a {:on-click #(dispatch [:app-state-item [:ui-state :section] section])} label
(when (= section current) [:span {:class "sr-only"} "(current)"])]]
(when (= section current) [:span {:class "sr-only"} "(current)"])]])
(defn navbar []
(let [section (subscribe [:ui-state :section])]
......@@ -257,7 +205,6 @@
[:ul {:class "nav navbar-nav"}
[navbar-item "Times" :time-track @section]
[navbar-item "Monitor" :monitor @section]
[navbar-item "Groups" :groups @section]
[:form {:class "navbar-form navbar-left", :role "search"}
[:div {:class "form-group"}
......@@ -326,60 +273,16 @@
(list-tabs @tabs :id)]
[:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
#_ [:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
:on-click #(dispatch [:group-add])} "Save me"]
[:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
#_ [:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
:on-click #(go (console/log (<! (storage/get))))} "Get"]
[:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
#_ [:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
:on-click #(go (console/log "Usage: " (<! (storage/bytes-in-use))))} "Usage"]
; [:button {:on-click #(storage/clear)} "Clear"]
(defn list-groups
[group-list editable? group-edit edit-label]
(for [group group-list]
^{:key (:date group)}
(if (= group group-edit)
[:input {:type "text"
:class "form-control"
:value edit-label
:on-change #(dispatch-sync [:group-label-set (-> % .-target .-value)])
:on-blur #(do
(dispatch [:group-update group (assoc group :name edit-label)])
(dispatch [:group-edit-set nil]))
[:h3 {:on-click #(dispatch [:group-edit-set group])} (group-label group)]
(if editable? [:small [:a {:on-click #(dispatch [:group-delete-set group])} "Delete"]])
[:table {:class "table table-striped table-hover"}
[:th "#"]
[:th "Title"]
[:th "URL"]]]
(list-tabs (filter-tabs (:tabs group)) nil)]
(defn div-tab-groups []
(let [tab-groups (subscribe [:data :groups])
group-edit (subscribe [:ui-state :group-edit])
label (subscribe [:ui-state :group-label])
to-list (reaction (sort-by #(* -1 (:date %)) @tab-groups))]
(fn []
[:div {:class "page-header"} [:h2 "Previous groups"]]
(list-groups @to-list true @group-edit @label)
(defn div-timetrack []
(let [url-times (subscribe [:data :url-times])
url-values (reaction (vals @url-times))
......@@ -433,7 +336,6 @@
(def component-dir {:monitor current-tabs
:groups div-tab-groups
:export data-export
:import data-import
:time-track div-timetrack})
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