Commit be0a231c authored by Ricardo J. Mendez's avatar Ricardo J. Mendez

Moved full-size logo out of images folder, no need to redistribute it

parent e82edef2
......@@ -14,19 +14,14 @@
(defn do! [& args]
(ensure-succeeded! (apply sh args)))
(def path "resources/images/")
(def src-path "resources/")
(def dst-path "resources/images/")
(def sizes [16 19 38 48 128])
; TODO: Once we get planck 1.6, add command line args so that we can do either
; release or start
; (do! "git" "flow" "release" "start" timestamp)
(defn do-resize! [filename]
(doseq [size sizes]
(let [origin (str path filename)
target (str path "icon" size ".png")]
(let [origin (str src-path filename)
target (str dst-path "icon" size ".png")]
(println "Converting" origin "to" target)
(do! "convert" origin "-resize" (str size "x" size) target)
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